Planning a wedding may seem overwhelming! There are tons of plans to manage and so many schedules to coordinate…it may seem like you’ll never get everything done in time. Even with the help of family and friends, you can sometimes find yourself feeling like you are on your own. Rest assured, many brides and grooms have these feelings leading up to their big day.

Here’s some good news: it is very possible to reduce, if not eliminate the stress of planning your wedding. Over the years, we have found that there are three major issues that seem to cause the bulk of the stress on many soon-to-be-wed couples: having an unclear wedding vision, stress from unexpected expenses, and feeling overwhelmed with the planning. Following these three steps may truly make your wedding day stress-free!



Have a Plan

You don’t have to know every detail of your wedding upfront. Some ideas and revisions come naturally with time. You should, however, have some sense of how you want the wedding to feel. Before you delve into the details, make sure to have a good idea of your actual budget for the entire wedding. This will help you with your plan to move forward. Next, you should create a vision sheet to help you lay out the particulars (and your must-haves). The vision sheet and budget breakdown will help you make an honest decision about whether you should have a small, intimate celebration or a grand affair! Whichever route you choose, know that your wedding will be special because you will be marrying the love of your life…and that’s all that truly matters!!

Use Your Resources

Money can be a major cause of stress during wedding prep, understandably so. As your wedding day approaches, you should not feel like money is just flying out of your wallet. In order to keep expenses under good control, you should utilize your money-saving resources. These resources come in many different forms, from people, to equipment, to supplies. If you have access to cost-saving measures, use them. Don’t be afraid to plan ahead and work on low-cost DIY projects. You can host “DIY Night” and make wedding-prep a fun experience among friends (especially if you do it well in advance of the wedding). The reduced pressure will help make the projects feel like more fun! Don’t forget, when asking for help with DIY projects, always manage your expectations. Communication is always key in making group DIY projects work.

Hire a Planner

While much of the work can be done on your own, nothing makes a wedding feel more amazing than having a friendly, reliable Wedding Planner. Once you’ve selected your Planner, you will sit down and go over your vision for the wedding. You will highlight all of the details that are important to both you and your fiancé. Your experienced Planner will be able to take your vision and come up with a clear, concise plan for making it a reality. From outlining the timeline to creating a professional budget, your Wedding Planner will help you organize all the details of your dream wedding! Most Wedding Planners offer a multitude of services to fit differing budget needs. Regardless of the service(s) you select, it is important to remember that Planners are here to help you have a successful event. Put your trust in an experienced Planner, you won’t regret it!!

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